Your guess is as good as ours whether the XTM rooftop tent comes with a mounting kit. Either way, you can get the tent placed on a flatbed or on top of the cross rails, and that takes some fiddling and a second pair of hands. Check out the user manual for detailed installation instructions.

Unlike the XTM hardtop automatic rooftop tent that used to unfold at a press of a button, the current setup takes some elbow grease, though it still takes less than 5 minutes. First, unzip the cover and push it aside. Then, grab the ladder and unfold the two halves of the tent by extending the ladder and pressing it into the ground. Finally, get up into the tent to secure any rods and struts in place to keep the canopy up. The pack-up process is much the same, though you’ll need to be careful when folding the canvas, or the cover zipper will snag on the fabric. While installation calls for two or three people, you can go through setup and pack-up without help.

Size & Weight

When packed in travel mode, the XTM roof top tent takes barely any space on the roof of your 4x4, measuring 125 by 148 cm. However, the tent’s cruising height is 32 cm, which isn’t bad, but still enough to affect aerodynamics and bump up the fuel consumption rate. Once you set up the XTM tent, it becomes your second-story palace in the wild, 320 cm long and 142 cm wide. The height is 130 cm, which isn’t bad if you don’t plan on partying upright on the roof of your truck.

With dimensions that impressive, it’s no wonder the tent weights 77 kg. Though it’s nowhere near as heavy as an XTM fiberglass roof top tent, it will take two or three people to push the tent on top of the 4WD and secure it in place. Removing the tent after every trip isn’t a viable option, so be ready to cruise around town with your camping setup in place.

XTM Roof Top Tent

XTM Roof Top Tent
Size (close/open), cm size 125W x 148L x 32H
320W x 142L x 130H
Capacity, people capacity, people 2
Weight, kg weight 77 kg
Cover Convenience cover convenience 8/10
Durability durability 7/10
Ease of Installation ease of installation 7/10
Delivery set delivery set Ladder, mattress


Despite the brand’s popularity, XTM isn’t overly generous with technical details on the current version of the XTM roof top tent. So while we know the outer canopy is made of ripstop polycotton canvas, there’s no telling how durable and dense it is. The only thing the company is willing to share is the waterhead rating of 2000 mm. On the inside, the tent is lined with ripstop polyester, while the windows and the door are covered with a superfine mesh to keep the air flowing without inviting the critters into your cozy nest.

The affordable XTM roof top tent price defines the use of basic industry-standard materials all-around. The frame and telescopic ladder are both constructed of lightweight aluminum. And the cover comes in durable PVC with zip closure. At least the mattress is top-notch, made of 75 mm of high-density memory foam, which is more than enough to stay comfy through the night without a mattress topper.


Just like XTM automatic rooftop tent, now unavailable for sale, the current version of the XTM camping setup relies on waterproof polycotton to keep the moisture out. Some buyers claim the canvas is too thin to be durable, but we haven’t found any complaints about damp bedding. Hopefully, the sealed seams will stay that way through rain and wind. Just don’t expect the softshell tent to keep the heat inside if you go camping when it’s freezing out. You will need some quality bedrolls and a heater to stay toasty; otherwise, stick with the warmer season trips.

In travel mode, the XTM tent is protected by the PVC cover, but if you don’t secure it in place correctly, the dust and moisture can get in. Hopefully, the current iteration of the tent is 100% safe in transit. It took many an XTM automatic rooftop tent review with complaints of the tent deploying while driving for the company to issue a recall in 2018.


If there’s one thing XTM knows how to do, it’s designing tents for great air circulation. While that wasn’t always true for the XTM hard shell roof top tent model, the current soft shell version comes with two side mesh-covered windows and extra vents. This design ensures you will stay nice and breezy throughout the hottest of nights.

Storage solutions are another benefit of this affordable XTM roof top tent. There are plenty of zip-up pockets inside to keep your gear and gadgets close at hand. And the two shoe bags on the outside are also on the list of handy accessories. Besides, you can purchase an awning to provide additional cover at ground level and set up a comfortable camping or sleeping area. Just make sure you attach the awning on the opposite side of the tent’s entrance.


After the recall, the XTM brand took quite a few reputational hits. Still, we hope this XTM roof top tent review is proof enough the company continues to look for the balance between building quality RTTs and keeping the rates down. While the current model isn’t as hands-free as the XTM automatic roof top tent, it’s larger and comfier, which is a fair trade, especially when you consider the affordable price. You won’t find a better offer for under $1,000.