If you’ve set up one softshell RTT, you can set up any of the others. And that’s especially handy, as TJM doesn’t provide a detailed user manual or mounting instructions. Here are a couple of things we’ve established throughout our test drive:

  • The roof rails aren’t enough to mount the TJM Yulara roof top tent. You definitely need crossbars to install the RTT.
  • Setup is much faster than pack-up. Remove the cover, pull on the ladder and let the tent unfold.
  • Fiddling with the awning support rods takes a few minutes, but you can get it done from inside the tent without getting soaked in the rain.
  • Pack-up takes up to 10 minutes with two people. Getting all the rods out and all the canvas under the cover is tricky, especially on the first couple of tries.

Size & Weight

When folded and neatly packed, the tent looks deceivingly small at 120 cm by 140 cm and barely 28 cm high. It’s compact enough to fit on most 4x4s and trucks, and the low profile reduces drag and fuel consumption.

Once set up, the tent is 220 cm by 140 cm, with a respectable height of 130 cm at the highest point. It provides plenty of headroom, which came in handy when we got stuck inside the RTT on a particularly stormy spring day. We’ve seen a TJM roof top tent review or two claiming the tent fits two adults with a small kid, but the mattress seems too small to fit three people. It was perfect for the two of us on a weekend camping trip, though. And before you skip over the rest of the review because you need a bigger RTT, ask yourself how often you actually need that extra space.

At 64 kg (mattress and ladder included), installing the Yulara is manageable for two or three people, so don’t forget to call a couple of mates to help you get the RTT in place.


Size (close/open), cm size 3200L x 1400W x 1300H
1200L x 1400W x 280H
Capacity, people capacity, people -1
Weight, kg weight 64 kg
Cover Convenience cover convenience 8/10
Durability durability 8/10
Ease of Installation ease of installation 9/10
Delivery set delivery set Extendable aluminium ladder, 65 mm thick foam mattress, nylon, fire resistant mosquito net


TJM roof top tent prices make the Yulara one of the best value-for-money offers on the market. The company known for its aftermarket 4WD accessories doesn’t cut corners when choosing the parts and materials for the RTT either.

Both layers of the canvas walls are made of high-density ripstop fabric (polyester on the outside and polycotton blend on the inside). And the cover is 1000D polyester with a PVC coating that protects the tent from UV rays, water, and rot. Besides, all four windows are covered with a fine nylon mesh that keeps the midges and mosquitoes out to preserve your rest and sleep.


As a softshell RTT, the Yulara roof top tent is by no means a 4-season option, as it can’t withstand snow or freezing temperatures. However, if you’re not a fan of wintertime camping, it will do well for you across three other seasons.

If you’re stuck in the rain, you don’t have to worry about getting wet because the canvas, seams, and zippers are sealed and 100% waterproof. The condensation did get a bit out of hand on our trip, so we had to crack the window panels a bit under the awnings to let the moisture out. In the heat, the tent performed equally well. The four huge windows let the air circulate freely and kept us nice and cool during a midday nap.


If you plan an extended camping trip, adding a mattress topper to the TJM roof top tent is a must. One of the concessions the company made to keep the price affordable was to use a 65 mm foam mattress that measures 240 cm by 120 cm. While it’s soft enough for lounging and spending a couple of nights, it can feel too hard for light sleepers. Luckily, you can keep the topper and bedding inside the tent in travel mode, so the setup time will stay the same.

The RTT comes with a retractable aluminium ladder that’s 220 cm long. That’s enough for most 4WDs, though TJM offers an optional ladder extension if your 4x4 is raised. And you can further enhance your camping experience by adding an optional awning or annex. Both accessories will provide additional protection from the elements, though an annex can double as a ground-level sleeping area for one or two extra people.


We tried to make this TJM Yulara roof top tent review as brutally honest as possible, without sugarcoating the drawbacks or glossing over the problems. Still, we believe it to be a solid choice, especially if you land a good price during the sale season. It offers great value-for-money in the low-medium price range and will serve you for years to come, thanks to quality materials and reliable weatherproofing. TJM will also supply you with all the camping and 4WDing accessories and gear your heart desires, including replacement parts, ladder extensions, awnings, and more.