Super-fast setup is the best thing about the Kings Kwiky roof top tent. It literally takes a minute to unlatch the four clamps (two up front and two in the back) and push the lid up. The gas struts will take care of the rest. Hook the telescopic ladder to the tent, pull it down to the ground, and you’re done.

As usual, the pack-up takes a bit more time because you’ll have to push the canvas walls inside the lid, and it can take some fiddling to catch all the edges sticking out. You will still pull the tent down and get ready for travel in under five minutes.

The only downside is a tricky installation. The mounting kit works with flatbeds and steel flat racks because the Kwiky is too long to safely install on roof top tent racks. Check out the instruction manual to learn how to best fit this RTT on your 4x4.

Size & Weight

If you’re into family camping trips, the Kings Kwiky MKII Hard Shell Rooftop Tent will be a disappointment. But if you’re a solo camper or like sharing the wilderness with your partner, Kwiky will be more than enough. The interior dimensions are rather modest, at 208 cm by 110 cm and a height of 93 cm. So don’t plan on partying inside the RTT; it’s barely enough for sleeping two adults comfortably.

On the other hand, after you pack it down, the tent isn’t too bulky. It measures 212 cm by 127 cm with a height of 32 cm. It can increase drag, but the interior space is enough to store your bedding, saving the space inside the car and speeding up the camp setup even more.

At 73 kg, Kwiky is among the lightest of hardshell RTTs on the market. Still, you will likely need a second pair of hands to get it settled and secured on the roof.

Adventure Kings Kwiky MKII

Adventure Kings Kwiky MKII
Size (close/open), cm size 320H x 2120L x 1270W
1050H x 2120L x 1270W
Capacity, people capacity, people 2
Weight, kg weight 73 kg
Cover Convenience cover convenience 9/10
Durability durability 7/10
Ease of Installation ease of installation 8/10
Delivery set delivery set Mattress, telescopic ladder


One of the biggest issues we had with the first iteration of the Adventure Kings Kwiky roof top tent was the poor quality of the ABS cover. The corners would crack and leak water inside, making a huge mess of the bedding. The second version, MKII, relies on a new support design that distributes the stress and prevents cracking. Although the newest model came out in late 2020, we haven’t heard any complaints, which makes us hopeful about the improved quality of the parts.

Sure, the aluminium cover would be more durable, but it would also double the price of the RTT, so it’s a gamble worth taking if you don’t mind making most of the year-long warranty. The company provides a replacement within the warranty period, no questions asked.

The rest of the tent is built of heavy-duty 320 gsm ripstop canvas. It’s nigh-indestructible and waterproof. The four large openings are additionally covered by a mesh to keep the bugs out and let the air in.


The latest version of the Kwiky roof top tent is perfect for year-round camping. The hard lid of the roof keeps the moisture out and protects the inside from heat and cold, while the canvas walls are treated to repel water and can withstand a storm. Besides, the four gas struts holding up the roof make for a stable structure that stands firm through the strongest wind. As long as you tie down the pack-up straps, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Besides, Kwiky comes with awesome ventilation thanks to four large openings (two doors and two windows). If you keep the canvas flaps a tiny bit open at night, you won’t have to deal with condensation. The door flaps also double as tiny awnings to provide shade and protection from the rain.


We promised to be honest in this Kings Kwiky roof top tent review, and we won’t try to convince you the 50mm mattress is great. It sucks, especially if your camping trip lasts more than a couple of nights. Still, Kwiky is tall enough in transit mode to accommodate a mattress topper, so that’s an easy fix. We recommend you measure the mattress and have the topper customized to fit the inside of the tent because its dimensions are nowhere near standard bed sizes.

Storage is the one thing Adventure Kings “Kwiky” pop-up roof top tent does right. There are plenty of small pockets inside to keep your keys and gadgets at hand, though you’ll have to leave enough space for your shoes or set up a swag at ground level. The tent will also benefit from a 12V line for lights and charging your phone.


So is this our best roof top tent review? Not by a long shot. Kwiky has plenty of drawbacks, though its second iteration is already miles ahead of the faulty initial design. Hopefully, this Kings Kwiky pop-up roof top tent review does not discourage you from giving it a shot. After all, you won’t find a cheaper hardshell RTT. And it’s unbeatable when it comes to setup and pack-up speed. With the right accessories, you’ll make it into a cozy home away from home on solo trips or adventures with your partner, whether you go away for the weekend or the whole week.