The unbeatable benefit of any hard shell roof top tent is the instant setup, and this RTT by James Baroud is no exception. It takes under a minute to unlatch the back and front clamps and push the lid up, letting the gas struts do their thing. Just make sure you get into the tent and straighten the struts before you settle to sleep, or the tent won’t be as comfy and stable as it can be.

Packing up the James Baroud roof top tent is equally easy. You bend the struts to unlock them, then get out and pull on one of the rubberized straps to lower the roof. Once you’re sure the canvas walls are tucked inside, you pull the lid firmly into place and fasten the clamps.

The initial tent installation is no hardship either, as all the hardware necessary comes with the RTT, and you can set it up on most aftermarket roof rails. Check out the instruction manual if you’re unsure how to properly secure the tent on the roof.

Size & Weight

The most popular Baroud roof top tent models come in two sizes, fit for two or three adults. Our Evasion Evolution was a standard size with an exterior of 204 cm by 143 cm and an internal space of 198 cm by 140 cm. In transit mode, the tent is only 33 cm high, and when it’s set up for camping, the internal height of 98 cm provides plenty of headroom for sitting, even if you’re over 6 feet tall. Thanks to the use of fiberglass polymers instead of metal or ABS, the tent only weighs 60 kg, making one of the lightest hardshell RTTs and the easiest to mount.

The XXL version of the Evasion is a bit wider and longer, better suited for family camping, and it will also accommodate tall overlanders. The bigger RTT is 162 cm wide and 226 cm long with a weight of 66 kg. The height of the XXL version is the same as the standard one.

James Baroud

James Baroud
Size (close/open), cm size 2240L x 1630W x 330H
2200L x 1600W x 980H
Capacity, people capacity, people 2
Weight, kg weight 65 kg
Cover Convenience cover convenience 9/10
Durability durability 7/10
Ease of Installation ease of installation 8/10
Delivery set delivery set Solar powered ventilation fan; ceiling storage net; two removable storage pockets; removable LED torch


High-quality, durable materials used for the tiniest parts make the James Baroud roof top tent price as high as it is. For one, the cover isn’t your usual ABS or even lightweight aluminium alloy. Instead, the bottom and top parts of the shell are made of reinforced polyester glass and covered with Gelcoat, keeping the weight down without sacrificing the tent’s strength.

The side walls are aluminised fabric that reflects the UV light without fraying and is 100% waterproof thanks to a water-resistant coating. All the while, the canvas is breathable and tear-resistant. Even the mesh covers on the seven openings are super-strong, so there’s no chance of wear and tear, as you see in most RTTs.


If you enjoy camping year-round, you can’t go wrong with this RTT. In the scorching summer months, it provides plenty of air circulation thanks to the 360° panoramic windows. It can just as easily withstand the spring storms, and you won’t have to worry about the wind noise, as even zippers come with rubber cursors to prevent annoying clinking.

We can also agree with James Baroud roof top tent reviews claiming the RTT stays warm through the freezing nights. Sure, an extra layer of insulation wouldn’t go amiss, but it costs extra and isn’t necessary unless you plan a trip to the Arctic. In most cases, closing all the flaps was enough to keep us toasty at night.


Like other James Baroud rooftop tents, the Evasion is filled with nice little touches that make our camping trips cozier than ever. Take storage: there are plenty of smallish pockets on the walls and a huge net on the ceiling to keep everything at hand and neatly organized. And you don’t have to worry about lighting. A rechargeable LED light is included in the price with a neat velcro holder.

One of the major reasons to buy James Baroud roof top tent is the excellent ventilation system you won’t find with any other brand. The roof comes equipped with a solar-powered fan that helps eliminate condensation on cold nights. It’s leak-proof and doesn’t need a power source, which is awesome. Two dust-proof side vents let the bedding air out in transit.

The mattress is a 75 mm dense memory foam that’s comfortable as it is, though it can also benefit from a topper. Luckily, the RTT has enough room in transit mode to keep the bedding, pillows, and the ladder inside, saving the prime real estate inside your 4x4.


We were set on making this James Baroud roof top tent review objective and unbiased, but there are no downsides to the Evasion besides the hefty price tag. It’s a technological marvel designed to make your overlanding as hassle-free as possible. The state-of-the-art materials used, the smart design decisions, as well as the 360° view out of the huge windows are well worth the price. Considering the EU-made tent comes with an unbeatable five-year warranty, no RTT comes close to beating James Baroud in our books.