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When we first got into camping, rooftop tents were the farthest thing from our minds. We were determined to do it the way our forefathers did, with a canvas tent and an open fire. Is there any wonder we didn’t even last a year?

Having sold all the gear (and lost a pretty buck), we were ready to give up our dreams of the wilderness until a rooftop tent sailed into view on top of the 4WD, passing us on an interstate. It was a wonder, a novelty, and love at first sight. Since then, our overlanding days have increased to take over most weekends with an occasional weeklong trip to the wild.

We created this Rooftop Tent Guide to help others like us, in love with adventure but disheartened by the discomfort, poor gear, and endless disappointment. Having tested a dozen RTTs and over a hundred camping and cooking devices and accessories, we’re here to help newbie overlanders find their footing.

In every review posted, you’ll find:

  • Our honest take on all things good and bad about every RTT or piece of gear we’ve tested.
  • Detailed specs, like tent dimensions and materials, along with explanations of what those figures mean for you.
  • Setup and pack-up instructions for RTTs and gear with hands-on video tutorials wherever possible.
  • Tiny details that turn into huge creature comforts and make camping a pleasure rather than a chore.

Whether you’re a novice overlander or an old hand at camping with a secret wish to up your game, you’ll find plenty of useful resources here. And if you’ve something exciting or important to share, we invite you to join our community and contribute to making every overlander’s adventures even better.

Even if we escape the cities to enjoy the peace and quiet, us overlanders should stick together and make most of the shared experience and brainpower.

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